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If You Play These Five Sports, You Should See a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Brier Creek

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Athletes push their bodies to their limits daily. After pushing yourself, it’s important to ensure your body fully recovers. A sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek can help your body heal quicker and keep it in the best possible shape.

Many different athletes seek treatment from chiropractors for different reasons. We’ve compiled a list of sports whose athletes frequently put their bodies at risk constantly. Also listed are the benefits these athletes receive from visiting a chiropractor in Brier Creek.

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Football is a very physical sport that involves tackling, being tackled, throwing the ball, running, and changing direction. You shouldn’t wait to see a chiropractor until you get hurt as there are many benefits to going to a chiropractor in Brier Creek before an injury. After regular visits to a chiropractor, football players noticed:

  • Improved mobility

  • Improved body maintenance

  • Pain relief

  • Decrease in injuries

  • Increase in strength and endurance

Football players who regularly see a Brier Creek chiropractor not only heal from their injuries quicker but tend to suffer from fewer injuries. As a result, their overall performance improves.

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Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek


Basketball is a popular sport among younger athletes for rec leagues and school sports. Younger athletes can also be vulnerable to injuries. If your child has been injured while playing basketball, take them to see a pediatric chiropractor in Brier Creek to ensure they heal as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

While basketball is popular with younger kids, plenty of adults play it too. Basketball is a great way to exercise, but constant running can impact your knees and back. A Brier Creek chiropractic office can help heal any damage that has already been done and decrease the likelihood of any future injuries.

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Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek


Boxing and MMA aren’t the same sport, but they put similar strains on athletes’ bodies. An overlooked side effect of these sports is migraines. When you’re constantly getting hit in the head, long-term damage could happen. Boxers and MMA fighters should see a migraine chiropractor in Brier Creek to help reduce or even eradicate their migraines. Boxers and MMA fighters also noticed other positive benefits from regular visits to a chiropractor in Brier Creek.

  • Enhanced brain function

  • Decrease in torn/strained ligaments

  • Increased flexibility and agility

  • Improved balance

After seeing a chiropractor, many MMA fighters and boxers started to see an increased performance during fights. They also reported a decrease in injuries.

Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek


Hockey is known for being a physical sport, and players may need constant medical attention. Seeing a sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek is an excellent way to monitor your body’s health while trying to prevent future injuries.

Chiropractic care has been shown to help quicken the healing time of sprains, strains, and contusions. Which, as a result, increases their performance on the ice.

Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek


Baseball seasons are tough on an athlete’s body. Professional baseball players have a preseason followed by 162 games. A baseball player’s body can get tired quickly, so the MLB and MiLB have hired team chiropractors. Daily visits to the chiropractor have provided these benefits to athletes:

  • Better balance

  • Less spinal injuries

  • Quicker recovery time

  • Better body mechanics, which leads to better pitching, throwing, etc.

A baseball player’s shoulder tends to take a lot of damage. Regular care by a sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek helps prevent strains and tears in the shoulder. Chiropractic care can be tailored to any athlete’s needs to help keep them feeling their best.

Best Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek

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