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Migraine Chiropractor in Raleigh

As a leading headache chiropractor in Northwest Raleigh, our team at Frederick Chiropractic knows that migraines and headaches are two of the most common ailments that people suffer from. It’s hard to know where headaches originate sometimes, whether it’s a lack of sleep, dehydration, or the result of hitting your head unexpectedly. Migraines can be much more debilitating, and it’s hard to predict when they will occur.  

Although many people may not realize this, visiting a licensed headache chiropractor in Raleigh is one of the most effective ways to treat headaches and migraines. Dr. Taylor Frederick knows this all too well. After suffering a severe concussion in college, he sought chiropractic care for his concussion treatment, and it worked wonders. He later went on to earn his doctorate in chiropractic care and has become a well-respected headache and migraine chiropractor in Northwest Raleigh. Dr. Frederick is well-schooled in all fields of chiropractic care, with special emphasis on neurological issues and radiology as well as migraine and headache treatments. 

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The Differences Between a Headache and Migraine

Those who do not suffer from migraines may not know the difference between a headache and a migraine. As a leading headache chiropractor in Northwest Raleigh, Dr. Frederick can quickly help you identify the symptoms of each and provide ways to treat them. 



When you visit a headache chiropractor in Raleigh, they will quickly try to identify what form of headache you are dealing with. There are cluster headaches that come on one side of the head and are often quite painful. Sinus headaches are a result of facial pressure, fever, stuffy nose, cough, or congestion. Chiari headaches are when the skull pushes against the brain. Thunderclap headaches are the most severe and could be caused by a severe medical condition. There are also tension headaches which are a result of excess stress, depression, anxiety, or poor posture. 

No matter what type of headaches you are suffering from, Frederick Chiropractic is here to help. Dr. Taylor Frederick is a top Raleigh headache chiropractor and will work closely with you to uncover the symptoms you are dealing with and create a treatment plan to fit your needs. He will then provide expert advice on ways you can reduce the number of headaches and the intensity of each. Whether it’s through better posture, improved diet, or regular chiropractic appointments at our Raleigh office, Dr. Frederick is the headache chiropractor in Northwest Raleigh who will help eliminate your struggles. 


A migraine is typically a severe headache that is accompanied by other issues besides head pain. As a leading migraine chiropractor in Northwest Raleigh, we know that the following items often transpire with a migraine: nausea, seeing spots, sensitivity to light and/or sound, vomiting, vision loss, pain behind the ear, pain in the temple area, or other symptoms. Some individuals can sense a migraine is about to occur before it fully sets in, while others may get migraines with little warning. 

If you are experiencing constant and severe migraine pain, consult with Dr. Taylor Frederick, a leading headache and migraine chiropractor in Raleigh. Through spinal adjustments, stress reduction treatments, and numerous other therapies, At Frederick Chiropractic, we can help create a treatment plan to help combat your migraine troubles. Dr. Frederick’s extensive education and experience with migraine treatment has helped numerous patients throughout Northwest Raleigh, Durham, Clegg, Morrisville, Carpenter, Bethesda, and numerous other North Carolina communities.

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