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Seeing a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Brier Creek and What to Expect

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Suffering an injury is a harsh reality for many sports players. No matter what sport you play, you are more susceptible to an injury than a non-athlete. Your body is pushed to its limits time and time again. Common exercises that put strain on your muscles and body are running, jumping, and tackling. These actions can lead to more serious injuries, like muscle tears, sprains, and strains. But, seeing a licensed sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek can help you heal quickly, and can even help avoid future injuries.

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First Steps After an Injury

Imagine you’re playing the championship game with your football team. It’s the final seconds of the fourth quarter, the quarterback throws you the ball and you’re running down the field. You’re at the fifty-yard-line, the forty, the thirty, and then you feel it. There’s pain in the back of your calf, more severe than a cramp, and it is screaming at you to stop. After the game you get diagnosed with a muscle tear. What do you do now?

Fortunately, most muscle tears do not require surgery, they will heal on their own. Next, you should schedule a consultation with a chiropractor in Brier Creek that specializes in sports injuries to ensure that you heal quickly and correctly. The chiropractor will examine your injury, and anything else that can impact or irritate it, such as your posture and balance. The doctor will then check your other extremities such as your back, neck, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Your sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek will use this information to determine what type of treatment would benefit you the most.

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To prevent further injuries, your chiropractor in Brier Creek might suggest specific exercises or techniques to help reduce muscle strain and tension. These exercises and techniques will more than likely be individually tailored to your skill level and ability.

My Child Got Injured While Playing Sports, What Do I Do?

Sprains and strains are also common in children’s sports. Their bodies are still rapidly growing and changing, leaving them more susceptible to injuries when pushed to the limits. They can not only get hurt during a game but during practice or even at school. Common injuries for children include muscle strains, sprains, and falls that could potentially cause broken bones.

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After your child gets injured, it is important to take them to see a pediatric chiropractor in Brier Creek. Frederick Chiropractic is one of the leading Brier Creek family chiropractors and can help ensure that your child makes a full and speedy recovery.

Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek

How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Get Injured Again?

No doctor can promise that you won’t get re-injured, especially if you are an athlete. However, there are steps that you can take to reduce that risk. Wear protective gear, even when practicing or playing for fun in the backyard. Stretch before a workout or a sports game, and make sure that you don’t push your body to do more than it can handle.

If you do suffer another injury, it is important to take care of it quickly and correctly. Talk to a doctor about what treatment is needed, then make an appointment with a Brier Creek chiropractic office to help ensure a safe, quick recovery.

Sports Injury Chiropractor In Brier Creek

At Frederick Chiropractic, we strive to be the best family chiropractor in Brier Creek, and we offer a free consultation for new patients to help determine which course of action is best for your recovery. We want you to feel your best so give us a call at (984) 219-2860, or visit our website to schedule an appointment today.

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