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Can a Raleigh Chiropractic Office Help My Kids?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Can a Raleigh Chiropractic Office Help My Kids? -- Whether newborns, teenagers, or grown and on their own, your children hold a special place in your heart. You will do anything to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. But, did you know that the most trusted chiropractor in Raleigh can help with that too?

That’s right, your favorite Raleigh chiropractic office has treatment options for people of all ages, yes, even your babies. While for you, the popping and twisting you see us do for you can be extremely intimidating for your children, we would like you to understand our unique approaches can help improve your children's quality of life and health. 

Raleigh Chiropractic Office

Now serving families in Raleigh! We are Your Raleigh Family Chiropractor!

Our babies go through many struggles and aches throughout their life, starting at birth. Whether it be colic, sleeping problems, nursing struggles, or general discomfort, our chiropractor in Raleigh is ready to help your child adjust to life on the outside more gracefully and without medication.

As they grow and gain more mobility, they tend to fall more often and put their bodies through more physical stress than they have ever known. As sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh, we have seen all types of injuries and understand that kids are not always as graceful as we hope for. Our chiropractors are ready to handle anything that comes through our doors. 

Our Raleigh Chiropractic Office Wants You to see the Total Benefit

Thinking of our body as one big machine can help us visualize the process easier. Our brain is the battery of the whole thing; without it, we cannot run or function correctly. When our body is out of alignment, it is like our batteries have popped out just enough to lose connection.

Have you been playing too hard? Do you have a football, volleyball, or basketball injury? Now treating athletes at our sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh!

Raleigh Chiropractic Office

Our spine is the one transferring all of the power, or information, through your entire body. Getting out of realignment stops the right signals from being sent all through our bodies. By merely getting adjusted, you can pop the batteries back into place and keep going again. Our kids can do a lot to lose their batteries or get them out of the right spot, and care from a chiropractor in Raleigh can help them get back in balance.

Looking for headache relief in Raleigh? We are a headache chiropractor in Raleigh too!

Our point is your children go through so many phases and changes in their life that their body gets put through the wringer. You would not wait to take your kids to the dentist; the same rule applies to us. Do not wait for your children to come to see the Frederick Chiropractic team; schedule an appointment with us today to see what works best for you.

Call today to get in touch with the best Raleigh chiropractic office sooner rather than later!

Raleigh Chiropractic Office

We Create Healthy Families!

You Deserve To Feel Great. We Can Help! Reserve Your Appointment Today And Get Relief!

At Fredrick Chiropractic, we offer auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh. We are also a pediatric chiropractor in Raleigh, benefiting all stages in life, including pregnancy, infants, toddlers, adults, and the elderly. Our Raleigh family chiropractor offers adjustments and therapy for the entire family no matter what is bothering you.

Raleigh Chiropractic Office

We also treat several conditions, including sciatica, colic, insomnia, indigestion, TMJ, carpal tunnel, and acid reflux. We are also a highly respected migraine chiropractor in Raleigh.

Contact us today at 984-219-2860 or via email at

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