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How Does Chiropractic Care Help Migraine Sufferers?

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Headache Chiropractor in Raleigh

Migraine headaches can be completely miserable. Suffering from migraines regularly can drastically affect your life, relationships, work, etc. If you or someone you love suffers from migraines, you understand how debilitating they can be. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, many migraine sufferers have found relief with help from a headache chiropractor in Raleigh, such as Frederick Chiropractic.

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What Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors are known for making "adjustments" designed to bring the spine, shoulders, hips, and neck into proper alignment. For example, someone who sits in front of a computer and uses a mouse all day long can develop inflammation in their neck, shoulder, and forearm, which can, in turn, produce pinched nerves and numbness or tingling in the hand.

A Chiropractor in Raleigh can help “adjust” or move your arm, neck, and shoulder into the proper position where they can work together in harmony. A chiropractor can also suggest exercises to stretch inflamed muscles and tendons appropriately. Chiropractors often work with physical therapists and masseuses who can also help you.

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If your headache or migraine is caused by tense muscles, restricted blood flow, pinched nerves, or something similar, a chiropractor can help relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, release pinched nerves, and more. A headache chiropractor in Raleigh will often discuss your diet, sleeping habits, sources of stress, and occupational hazards that may be contributing to your migraines or headaches.

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Results of chiropractic care for headaches often vary because headaches can result from a variety of problems in the nervous system. However, chiropractic care is often successful precisely because a chiropractor can help align your spine and spinal cord––both of which are essential parts of your nervous system.

Migraine Chiropractor in Raleigh

If I Am Receiving Care from Another Doctor for Migraines, Can I Visit a Chiropractor as Well?

It is best to check with your primary care physician, but generally, yes. Call or visit your chiropractor and explain your migraine or headache problem and current treatment plan. Your chiropractor should be able to work with your other doctors––not compete. Chiropractic care is often one element of a broader treatment program for migraine or headache problems.

Frederick Chiropractic – Migraine and Auto Accident Chiropractic Care in Raleigh

You may benefit from chiropractic care if you have recently been involved in an automobile accident and are struggling to heal from back, neck, or shoulder pain. Auto accident chiropractic care can help identify and treat problems related to the damage done to your body in a car accident.

If you are looking for a trusted and well-respected Raleigh chiropractic office, visit our website or call us today at (984) 219-2860 to make an appointment. We would also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about chiropractic care. Do you need a sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh? We can help with that too!

At Frederick Chiropractic, we love what we do and want to help you feel and perform your best!

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