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Sports Injury Chiropractor in Brier Creek

Sports injuries can leave your body with injuries, whether they are high impact or low impact. Age isn't a factor when it comes to sports or injuries. The most important thing is taking care of your body in all stages of life. There is no need to stop enjoying sports. Instead, seek out care from a sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek, especially if you are interested in a more natural approach to care.

Symptoms of Sports Injuries

  • Swelling

  • Burning

  • Dull Pain

  • Headaches

  • Muscle Pains

  • Inflammation

  • Muscle Spasms


What Injuries Can A Chiropractor Help With?

Sports injuries happen from not properly warming up, too high impact activities, or repetitive motions. Ankle sprains and groin/hamstring strains are common sports injuries treated by a premier chiropractor in Brier Creek. We also see patients for rehabilitation for injuries caused by sports injuries like:

  • Back pain is caused by subluxations, herniated discs, or fractures.

  • Neck pain caused by harsh impacts.

  • Shin splints 

  • Torn ACL injuries.

  • Bursitis

  • Tennis elbow

  • Concussions 

  • Runner's knee

  • Heel spurs, also known as plantar fasciitis

How Can a Sports Injury Chiropractor Help?​

A sports injury chiropractor can give you an adjustment and a care plan when you are in the office. A chiropractor teaches prevention as well as caring for the current injury. By instructing patients on how the body functions, proper stretching techniques, warm-up routines, and teaching a healthy routine, a sports injury chiropractor can help prevent future injuries. Chiropractors have integrated advanced sports science into their practices, providing you with the care you need to get better and stay that way.

Suffering from injuries while playing sports or doing physical activities can be painful and challenging to deal with. Here at Frederick Chiropractic, a sports injury chiropractor in Brier Creek, we want to get you back doing what you love! Contact us today to schedule an appointment or call us at (984) 219-2860.

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