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How to Find the Best Raleigh Chiropractor

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Raleigh Family Chiropractor

Quality chiropractic care is a game changer. Anyone who has had professional care will tell you that the results are life changing. However, not all chiropractors are the same. The best chiropractors are highly trained, experienced, and care about their patients. If you are looking for a Raleigh chiropractic office, consider the following.

The Best Chiropractors are Highly Trained

A professional chiropractor must hold a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, pass exams by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and fulfill annual requirements for continuing education. Be careful of any chiropractor who isn’t interested in answering questions about their degrees and licensing.

The Best Chiropractors Encourage You to Continue Seeing Your Other Doctors

If you seek out auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh after a vehicle collision, your chiropractor should encourage you to continue seeing your other doctors for care. Beware of any chiropractor who wants to become your sole healthcare provider.

Have you been playing too hard? Do you have a football, volleyball or basketball injury? Now treating athletes at our sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh!

The Best Chiropractors Don’t Require Excessive X-Rays

Chiropractors often use X-Rays to help diagnose specific spinal problems and prevent injury while performing adjustments. However, a chiropractor should never require weekly x-rays. A dishonest chiropractor will require unnecessary x-rays as a method of increasing revenue. If your Raleigh family chiropractor or sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh wants to give you an x-ray every time you come in for a consultation or adjustment, consider visiting another chiropractor.

Auto Accident Chiropractic Care in Raleigh

The Best Chiropractors Create a Reasonable Treatment Plan

After most chiropractic treatments, your body needs time to react and adjust. There are very few instances where multiple appointments in a single week would be productive. If your chiropractor identifies that you need an extended course of treatment for a period of weeks or months, he or she should establish specific goals for your treatment and explain how those goals can be achieved. This type of communication is essential, especially when visiting a Raleigh family chiropractor or a pediatric chiropractor in Raleigh.

The Best Chiropractors Listen to You

One of the common characteristics of the best chiropractors is that they spend extra time considering your general well-being, not just treating individual symptoms. This requires them to spend time with you, ask you questions, and carefully listen to your answers. If you aren’t comfortable with a particular part of your treatment plan, discuss this with your chiropractor and see if they can explain the plan better or offer an alternative. Most chiropractic care isn’t a matter of life and death, so your chiropractor should never scare you or intimidate you into accepting expensive treatments right away.

At Frederick Chiropractic, Dr. Taylor Frederick is a trained and experienced chiropractor offering pediatric, sports, migraine, and auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh. We are here to help you feel better and believe you should feel at ease whenever you visit us.

If you are looking for a Raleigh family chiropractor or migraine chiropractor in Raleigh you love, visit our website or call us today at (984) 219-2860 to make an appointment! We would also be happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about chiropractic care.

At Frederick Chiropractic, we love what we do and want to help you feel and perform your best!

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