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Chiropractor in Raleigh: Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Combating Pain: Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home and How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Are you tired of dealing with constant pain and discomfort while working from home or struggling with various aches from sports injuries, auto accidents, or everyday life? In this comprehensive blog post, a premier chiropractor in Raleigh will explore how to stop that back pain while working from home and how chiropractic care can help treat various conditions, including sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, and more.

So, grab a drink, find a comfy place (preferably with proper ergonomics), and let's talk about the world of pain relief and chiropractic care, brought to you by Frederick Chiropractic, your trusted Raleigh chiropractor. Say goodbye to those back pains and hello to a happier back!

A lot of people have been asked to start working from home during the Pandemic. As we cope with what is the new way of working, finding a space that is conducive to work, but also preventing back pain is important. Ergonomics, which is the study of the efficiency of the work environment, is often forgotten at home but is vital to keeping your back and body healthy throughout your workday.

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At Frederick Chiropractic, a locally renowned chiropractor in Raleigh, we want to provide tips to keeping your back and neck healthy as you work from home. 

Should I Stand or Sit?

Many people working from home have opted for a stand-up desk. Although this is an excellent solution for the neck, it does put a strain on the circulatory system, legs, and feet. For optimal ergonomics, a combination of sitting and standing is the best solution. For instance, sit at your desk for an hour, stretch, and then stand for an hour.

The combination doesn’t strain any one part of the body and enables good movement of the entire body. Some other alignment issues creep up if you are not careful of your body placement while working. Here are some common body strains that Frederick Chiropractic, a top chiropractor in Raleigh, sees when it comes to working from home:

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Chair Position

To sit correctly in your chair and avoid undue stress on your back, you must sit fully back in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. That’s hard to do from your bed or couch. Frederick Chiropractic, an experienced chiropractor in Raleigh recommends investing in a good office chair is worth your money in the long run.

If getting a new chair isn’t an option, make sure your feet are touching the ground flat. If not, place something underneath them to give them good support, such as a small box or an old phone book.

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Neck Strain

Invest in an upright document holder if you have to read books or documents. This will help you to keep your head upright and adequately placed. If you can’t get an upright document holder, then placing it on a ledge or an old music stand is a simple replacement. Frederick Chiropractic, the best migraine chiropractor in Raleigh, can offer more tips on avoiding neck strain and the development of migraine headaches due to strain.

Eye Strain

When you stain your eyes, there are methods that you can do to curb the problem. It’s important that your monitor or group of monitors be set up in a different area than next to a window. This is a common mistake that some people make, as it seems like a good idea to be able to look out the window while working.

However, the sunlight causes your eyes to squint and strain. Another option is to wear blue light glasses to minimize the light from the screen. Frederick Chiropractor, an experienced migraine chiropractor in Raleigh, can help give you other tips on avoiding eye strain and migraines due to screen time.

Wrist Strain

Mousepads and keyboard pads under your wrist tend to be the norm when looking for items for your home office. However, having your wrist at an angle actually causes more harm than good. It compresses the median nerve in your wrist, causing pain.

With so many of us working from home now because of the pandemic, we must keep our body alignment as healthy and pain-free as possible. Despite our best efforts to prevent strain of the body, it still happens and Frederick Chiropractic, a top chiropractor in Raleigh, is here to help.

Now that we've explored some essential ergonomic tips for working from home, let's shift our focus to another crucial aspect of pain relief - chiropractic care. While proper ergonomics can help prevent discomfort and strain, sometimes existing conditions or injuries require professional intervention.

In the next section, we'll delve into how chiropractic care can treat various conditions such as sciatica, headaches, sports injuries, and pain from auto accidents. So, let's continue our journey towards a pain-free life by discovering the benefits of chiropractic care and how it can complement our ergonomic efforts at home.

A Chiropractor in Raleigh Can Help with Life’s Pains

Chiropractic care is a great way to treat your back pain without the invasive treatment of surgery or potentially addictive medication. If your back pain is due to an injury, accident, or you have consistent pain for what seems like no reason, it might be time to visit a trusted chiropractor in Raleigh like Frederick Chiropractic.

Raleigh family chiropractors want to help increase your mobility, reduce pain, and improve the quality of your lifestyle by helping you become pain-free. Here are a few conditions that we regularly see that chiropractors can treat naturally.


This condition is nerve pain in the leg that often radiates into the lower back and buttocks. Sciatica is often on one side of your body and can include numbness. In some cases, patients have experienced constant, shooting pain. The pain can come and go but can often be aggravated by sitting, standing, bending, or lying down. A Raleigh chiropractor can help relieve pain for this condition.


Headaches and migraines are something lots of people suffer with. Although they can be caused by many different reasons, they can be treated and often relieved fully or partially with the help of a migraine chiropractor in Raleigh. Migraines can be intense and prevent you from your daily activities.

Common signs of migraines are throbbing, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to lights or sounds. This is why it is extremely challenging to function when you have a migraine. A headache chiropractor in Raleigh, like one at Frederick Chiropractic, can help relieve some of that pain and get you back to your life.

Sports Injuries

Whether you play a sport, or exercise regularly, you have probably experienced some sort of injury. Running, weightlifting, team sports, and individual sports all present the risk of injury, leaving you in need of a sports injury chiropractor in Raleigh. Often, a sports injury can be corrected with proper care, but when left untreated, the injury can get worse over time.

If you have been involved in a car wreck, you know that auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh is vital to your recovery. Statistics show that most people get into at least three accidents throughout their lifetime. It can be terrifying to think about; although most accidents are not fatal, they can leave a lifelong injury if left untreated. If you find yourself in even a tiny fender bender type accident, make sure to contact a Raleigh chiropractor to make an appointment to prevent any long-term injuries from forming.

By combining ergonomic tips for working from home with regular chiropractic care, you can effectively combat pain and discomfort in your daily life. Remember, creating an ergonomic workspace and seeking the help of a trusted Raleigh chiropractor like Frederick Chiropractic can make a significant difference in your overall well-being. Don't let pain hold you back - take control of your health and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle.

We Create Healthy Families!

You Deserve To Feel Great. We Can Help! Reserve Your Appointment Today And Get Relief!

At Frederick Chiropractic, we offer auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh. We are also a pediatric chiropractor in Raleigh benefiting all stages in life including pregnancy, infants and toddlers, adults, even the elderly. Our Raleigh family chiropractor offers adjustments and therapy for the entire family, no matter what is bothering you. We also treat several conditions including, but not limited to sciatica, colic, insomnia, indigestion, TMJ, carpal tunnel to acid reflux.

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At Frederick Chiropractic, we're passionate about improving your family's health. Our treatments are designed to not only provide you with immediate relief, but also equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to create lasting wellness in your family structure. In addition to our chiropractic care, we can help you find healthy lifestyle choices that can dramatically enhance the health of your entire family.

Our auto accident chiropractic care in Raleigh is highly experienced in treating a range of conditions including joint pain, muscle tension and injuries, headaches, migraines and more. We have a pediatric chiropractor in Raleigh that specializes in providing personalized treatment plans for all stages of life as well as pregnancy-related care for expecting mothers.

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At Frederick Chiropractic, we understand that no two people are alike; that’s why our Raleigh family chiropractor takes into account each individual’s needs while creating a comprehensive health plan with attention to detail. We want to empower individuals to take control of their own health and well-being by providing quality service and valuable advice on how to stay healthy for years to come!

Book an appointment today and get back on the road to feeling great with Frederick Chiropractic! Together, let’s create healthy families!

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