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I'm Dr. Sogoal Feizi

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Hi, I am Dr. Sogoal Feizi! I was a sick child and ended up in the hospital a few times and through those experiences I became fascinated with medicine and wanted to become a doctor. After graduating from High School, I moved to the Czech Republic to follow my dream and study medicine. While in school I developed multiple health issues that started to interfere with my daily life. I began missing classes due to debilitating migraines and chronic upper respiratory infections. I saw every specialist to get help and came away with no answers as to why this was happening and was constantly given more medications. As a medical student that was learning how the body was supposed to function, I refused to think that mine was just flawed or designed to suffer this way. I began searching for answers on my own and as a last resort my father sent me to a chiropractor.


After extensive tests the Chiropractor found that I had massive amounts of pressure and damage on my spine, particularly in my neck and upper back which what was causing my problems all along. Within one month of treatment and following his recommendations I began to feel like a healthy 19-year-old again. My migraines became less frequent, and my immune system was able to fight and avoid respiratory infections. I went back to medical school and knew I wanted to still become a doctor I just now wanted to become a different type of doctor. I wanted to become the type of doctor that searched for the root cause of ill health and who listened to their patients. I wanted to become the doctor I needed when I was 19 and suffering. I quickly transferred to Life University in Georgia for Chiropractic school and graduated in 2016. Since graduating I have worked in some amazing clinics across the country and have spent time training in pediatric care, prenatal care, sports injuries, spinal biomechanics, and dry needling. I am originally from California, but North Carolina is home, and I am lucky to have my parents, sister, and brother-in-law close by!


I met Dr. Frederick when he asked me to be his chiropractor. When he approached me to join his team, I couldn’t resist to join such a positive practice where the focus is patient care and healing. Along with working and treating patients I am going back to school part time to get certified in Functional Medicine to better help and serve my patients. I am excited to meet you and see how I can be a part of your health journey!

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